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I introduce you to a visionary vocabulary to expand, energize and experience life your way, by understanding the simple fact that everything occurs in the “now,” forever liberating you from your thinking mind and giving you the path to dissolve the remnants of your own ancient anger.




I Am Wisdom is about understanding how wisdom and words describe the images of people’s desired life. Wisdom and words open enterprising expressions to rise and shine from within, unleashing their prowess to expand through life with liberating, inspired foresight and to appreciate energizing, amazing, accomplished outcomes. I Am Wisdom turns on people’s lights of enlightenment that excite dreamers and entrepreneurs within to see that wisdom is wealth to experience things they dare to now and forevermore. I Am Wisdom shows people the way to write and speak to the images of their dreams. Understanding wisdom and words opens their gates of ingenious lore to explore life in a bold new way. Then it opens people’s eyes to their inner wisdom to dance with their dreams, appreciating life’s extravaganzas with glorious gusto.




Dissolving Ancient Anger; I Am Here to Dissolve History; Releasing My Masculine Illiteracy; I Am Liberated from Everything; I Admire the Spree of Me; and Light of Liberation are my inspirational expressions of personal expansion, dissolving, releasing and relieving me of all inner thievery.

Dissolving Ancient Anger is my self-explorations of optimistic outcomes as I now understand I encompassed encryptions of deception I embedded unknown to me and encoded emotions from my ancestors; then, as I went deeper, I awoke to the truth, understanding the world has had the same unsavory stuff going on since the beginning of time. So I did a deeper exploration and admitted to all the stuff I was hiding from myself. As I now understand, to write all my writing in first person allows me to expand people through being authentic with “me, myself and I” and honoring my life experiences by allowing people to unlock their stuff through liberating myself.

Dissolving Ancient Anger is exonerating myself from the beginning of time ties, opening up a new understanding of where my blocks were hiding within me. Therefore, I set myself free by admitting, grasping, and dissolving anger which has been embedded within me through childhood, parents, news, and life itself, with current times bringing forth anger and frustration from ancient times.

As I suddenly awakened and instantly aware that dissolving history allows me to understand where my hidden haunts of today, I wrote Dissolving Ancient Anger to open my understanding that, where all the angst in the world stems from the beginning of time so now I begin my inner campaign to dissolve ancient anger to evolve of new ways of communicating through my innocence of inspiration.